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Hands-on STEM learning

BrainTech Robotics integrates the core standards of STEM into its robotics and drone lessons to provide a complete hands-on STEM learning experience. We’ve combined the existing 5E inquiry-based learning theories with industry professional mentors to connect the learning experience with real life career situations. Using humanoid robots, avatars and drones add unique, cool and hands-on factors not available with other courses.

The BrainTech Robotics/Drone Courseware

  • Specifically designed to empower students to interact and meet challenges that require using key componenets of science and engineering
  • Conducting interactive engagements excercising math, flight and motion theories
  • Engaging hands on assembly and manipulation of drones and robots
  • Introduction to computer science, programming drones and robotics
  • Project-based coursework that promotes problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative skills
  • Based on constructive instructional strategies, agile project development and 5E inquiry-based learning
  • Integrates computers, computational concepts, technology and emerging scientific developments into cross-discipline instruction


Students Achieve

  • The fundamentals of computer science, programming robotics and drones
  • How to write algorithms
  • The role of logical reasoning in creating designs
  • How to create, compile and test programs to successfully complete autonomous robot and drone activities
  • The expanding roles of robots and drones in society and the relevance of intelligent machines
  • Practical experience in computer programming and its real world applications.
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