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Drontech Learning Program:

Students kickoff the program in a group session explaining to themselves the meaning of the challenge. They will develop STEM skills in geometry, science, art, mathematics, physics and coding with the leading code-learning platform used by more than 30 millions students. Join and be part of an exciting creative process in the next generation of technology.
In groups of five, they will examine and test cognitive and fact supported logic; making conjectures about the form and meaning of the problem while analyzing given requirements, constraints, relationships and goals.
This program achieves three main objectives:

  • Build it!
  • Program it!
  • Fly it!

DroneTech Academy strives to empower students to develop ways of looking for entry points to framing a solution; making sense of a problem and persevering to solve it.

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-Why do you want to participate in the STEMTASTIC CHALLENGE for Girls?
-What is about the description of the program that excites you?
-What parts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics do you already enjoy?
-What are some examples of how you have worked well in a team in one of your classes?