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Program Goals

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A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish!

BrainTech Robotics STEM Learning Centre makes it real for all its participants. We strive to empower young minds to see the value and experience the gratification in STEM-based activities while developing both their hard and soft skills.

Young minds that choose to participate in the program develop a value for hard work, innovation, and creativity. They learn the importance of organizing, project planning and testing work in a collaborative environment, sharing ideas and respect the rights and dignity of others as well as themselves. Not to mention the mad skills in CAD design and programming and assembly of complex designs they will acquire.

Life Skills – Learning About Science & Technology to Solve Real-World Issues

On average more than 90% of the student participants in such programs learn more about how science and technology can be used to solve real-world problems. What they learn here is through a 100% interactive experience; designing, assembling, programming, problem-solving, collaborating, competing, winning.

It has been reported that these types of programs produce eighty percent (80%) or more demonstrated interest with a goal-oriented focus in doing well at school in math and science; a deeper drive that translates to more engineering, science and tech post-secondary registrations by females.

A great number of the participants (+90% approx.) of similar programs, report having acquired greater life learning skills through programming, teamwork, planning, and problem-solving, time management, collaboration, and negotiation skills.

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Develop a strong connection and deep resolve within young women ages 7 to 17 for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) through the programming, building and controlling of Robots and Drones.

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