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DroneTech Academy – Lesson 1: BUILD

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This lesson gives students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of drones and how they are used in real world applications.  Students develop their soft skills while learning about drone essentials regarding various types, how they are used, safe operations and types of licencing required.  They will also learn as part of the lesson, the components and requirements needed to build a quadcopter drone designed for racing at high speeds.   Controlling toys are great for teaching lessons in applied logic, programming, problem solving and bringing STEM learning to life.  Drones allow students to visualize their efforts towards building and programming drones to perform and address real-world challenges; they’re also super fun and engaging for all involved!


This drone ‘build’ lesson is ideal for students wishing to learn more about Drone technology and real world applications utilizing drones; that they can achieve.

Feel free to call us at 1-416-558-8888 so that we can meet to discuss an appropriate lesson that works for you, should you need assistance.

What Will You Learn?

Introduction to Drone TypesOperating SafetyDrone BuildingLicence Requirements

Skill sets Gained

Application development, Drone Build and AssemblyDroneology program – Building drones (Hands On)

STEM & 21st Century Skills Development

Problem-solvingCreativityCollaborative team workAdapting to new challenges


Hands-on STEM learning
BrainTech Robotics integrates the core standards of STEM into its robotics and drone lessons to provide a complete hands-on STEM learning experience. We’ve combined the existing 5E inquiry-based learning theories with industry professional mentors to connect the learning experience with real life career situations. Using humanoid robots, avatars and drones add unique, cool and hands-on factors not available with other courses.

EBooksImplementationSamplesComing Soon
The BrainTech Robotics/Drone Courseware
Specifically designed to empower students to interact and meet challenges that require using key componenets of science and engineeringConducting interactive engagements excercising math, flight and motion theoriesEngaging hands on assembly and manipulation of drones and robotsIntroduction to computer science, programming drones and roboticsProject-based coursework that promotes problem solving, critical thinking and collaborative skillsBased on constructive instructional strategies, agile project development and 5E inquiry-based learningIntegrates computers, computational concepts, technology and emerging scientific developments into cross-discipline instruction

Students Achieve
The fundamentals of computer science, programming robotics and dronesHow to write algorithmsThe role of logical reasoning in creating designsHow to create, compile and test programs to successfully complete autonomous robot and drone activitiesThe expanding roles of robots and drones in society and the relevance of intelligent machinesPractical experience in computer programming and its real world applications.


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Develop a strong connection and deep resolve within young women ages 7 to 17 for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) through the programming, building and controlling of Robots and Drones.

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