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Braintech Robotics STEM Principles of Learning

(BTR) BrainTech Robotics STEM LC's program integrates the core standards of STEM into its robotics and drone lessons to provide a complete hands-on STEM learning experience. We’ve combined the existing 5E inquiry-based learning theories with industry professional mentors to connect the learning experience with real-life career situations. Using humanoid robots, avatars and drones add unique, cool and hands-on and experiential factors not common to classrooms.

Build on Students Prior Knowledge (regardless of level) – if this knowledge is robust and accurate it provides a strong foundation for building new knowledge. Children who show evidence of the contrary, have the opportunity to build interest and acquire the knowledge needed.

Develop organizational skills - Knowing how to organize information influences the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and applying new knowledge. Immersive environments engaging with advanced technology, make student connections possible. Braintech Robotics immersive STEM lessons provide students with opportunities to organize and connect knowledge for retrieval/use.

Fuel the motivation from inside - Students’ self-motivation determines, directs and sustains what they learn – students gain greater autonomy over what, when and how they learn to challenge, fail and recover on a path to innovation and solution building. Motivation plays a critical role in guiding the quality of learning that will take place.

Develop fluency and fidelity - Braintech Robotics STEM program immerses students in the application and integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students acquire the knowledge, confidence, and fidelity of handling and integrating complex technology and components. Students learn the skills and knowledge necessary to perform complex tasks, integrating them to develop fluency.

Goal oriented, feedback practices - STEM provides students with a specific design challenge and ongoing feedback from peers, instructors, and self-evaluation of their solutions.

We know that students want more Hands-on, Real-World-Experiences that result in a more tangible and retained learning experience.  BTR's core strength and value proposition are in delivering "Out-of-Class" experiences; delivered by Industry Subject Matter Experts (ISME).  Who better to tell you how and why a drone, robot or unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) is the perfect choice for select hazardous geological missions than a scientist or engineer who builds and /or operates them.

According to a survey:

  • 81 percent of students are interested in science in at least one of three disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • 73 percent of those from a survey sited a key interest in biology above the rest
  • Only 32 percent had known an adult in a science career and fewer still if the career involved physics or chemistry

The results of the survey were based on 1,569 online surveys completed by high school students attending US-based public and high schools.

Further details regarding the survey can be found at AMGEN Foundation: Inspiring The Young Scientists of Tomorrow


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Develop a strong connection and deep resolve within young women ages 7 to 17 for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) through the programming, building and controlling of Robots and Drones.

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