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Summer Interns or Co-op Students – Multiple Positions

BrainTech Robotics seeks outstanding students for summer internships or co-op positions. This is an extremely challenging role as the future minds of younger generations will take your lead and direction seriously.  Here you will be required to think on your feet, adapt to any and all situations and be the leader that children, peers, and adults will admire and respect.  We view our internship and co-op placement as an excellent opportunities to learn about future potential full-time hires while also contributing to students’ education and their understanding of work practices in an engineering setting.  Many of our interns return annually and take on ever more challenging tasks.

Summer college interns as well as mature, driven high school students aged 17 and older are accepted.  In all cases we expect to see excellent grades, strong work ethic and an unyielding desire to achieve a post secondary degree education in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics.  We pay well and will push you beyond your comfort zone.  All applicants must be registered as a full-time student in a STEM based post secondary program with a Canadian College or University.

To be accepted as a summer intern or co-op student, you will have to show us some unique accomplishment beyond just grades; demonstrate your ‘mad skills’.  Tell us the story of your life’s passion.

Most of our intern slots are typically filled by March, but feel free to apply at any time in the year; we constantly review records.  Co-op applications are considered for longer work periods.


Application Process:

Please email the following materials in Word or Adobe PDF format to the BrainTech Robotics Hiring Manager at: and include “Summer Intern Position” or “Co-op Student” (your choice) in your email header.

Summer Intern Positions:

1. Resume

2. Short statement as to why you think you have what is needed for this position

3. At least one non-family reference (including email, phone and basis for reference).

We will contact your reference and verify that you have the drive, attitude and maturity to succeed as a summer intern at BrainTech Robotics

Co-op Coaching Positions:

At BrainTech Robotics, co-op students gain solid, practical experience that prepares them for the working world. Their strong skills and work ethic guarantee we don’t forget about the student come graduation. In fact, many end up being showcased and introduced to our sponsors.


BrainTech Robotics is an Equal Opportunity Employer that welcomes applications from all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable laws and BrainTech Robotics’ employment policies.
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-Why do you want to participate in the STEMTASTIC CHALLENGE for Girls?
-What is about the description of the program that excites you?
-What parts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics do you already enjoy?
-What are some examples of how you have worked well in a team in one of your classes?