BTR Droneology – Micro Workshop


Join our 2-Day Micro-Workshop:
Drone Programming & Control
Boys & Girls Ages 10 – 17

  • Understand theory, planning and practice
  • Design your first mission
  • Program your first journey
  • Join BTR’s Droneology Challenge 
  • Become a certified Drone Pilot Programmer!*


*Mission Programming Certificate

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Join us for BTR Droneology – Micro Workshop and register today!
No prior knowledge or experience is required to learn how to program and fly drones!

Empower your child with the knowledge and skills of today’s world through our Droneology Challenge 101 workshop. This fun-filled weekend micro-workshop spans over 2 days and covers topics such as the laws of flight, drones, teamwork, and programming, with a focus on building social and emotional literacy.

Led by STEM Leadership, our workshop provides direction, introduction, and a discovery framework for participants to understand the basics of flight, fundamentals, assembly, and basic coding of drones. Students will work in teams, engaging in mission planning and training to adequately prepare for the ultimate Droneology Challenge.

This 2-Day Micro-Workshop offers a comprehensive learning experience, including:
• Drone piloting
• Real-world drone applications
• Science and math applications
• Engineering design process
• Introduction to visual-based coding (scratch)
• Coding concepts: loops, functions, variables

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a head start in the real world with our Droneology Challenge 101 workshop. Register today and let them soar to new heights!


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BTR Droneology – Micro Workshop

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