BTR Robotics – Micro Workshop


Register your child today in STEM+SEL skills
to Build, Code, and Control Tech
Hands-on 2-Day Micro-Workshop
Boys & Girls Ages 10 – 17

  • Understand theory, planning and practice
  • Design your first mission
  • Program your first journey
  • Compete to execute the best Seek-&-Rescue mission.

*A STEM+SEL Program*

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Join us for BTR Robotics – Micro Workshop and register today!
No prior knowledge or experience is required to learn how to program and automate robots!

Empower your child with the essential skills they need to succeed in today’s world with our STEM and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program. Designed for youth aged 10-17, this program offers an immersive, fun way to learn about technology, robotics, and programming while building social and emotional literacy. Participants will work collaboratively to execute complex missions and gain critical skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and innovation. Awards and recognition will be given for exceptional leadership and achievement. Enroll your child in the STEM Leadership program today and watch them soar to new heights!


Set your child up for success in the real world by equipping them with the knowledge and skills of today with the Robotics Workshop.

This summer workshop is a fun route to experiencing and learning about technology, robotics and programming.  The program has a focus on building social and emotional literacy.

The STEM Leadership provides direction, introduction, and the discovery framework each workshop participant will follow to understand the planning and team collaboration required to execute a coordinated mission to survey and capture data from the Mars surface.

The mission will require team work from two engineering teams; ROBOTICS (Robot Arms) & AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES (Cars). Together they will plan and collaborate to execute pick, stack and carry delivery missions to its fullest and most expedient manner against competing teams.

Awards and recognition for team and individual achievements will be shared at the end of the mission challenge.

This is a unique gamified opportunity for youth ages 10 – 17 to learn about the how robotic arms in Tesla, Ford, and other plants work together with humans to complete complex and / or mundane tasks. They will also learn how to build robot cars that navigate on paths and avoid hitting people or crashing into objects. They will develop collaborative skills, engage in mind full and inclusive discussion. They will receive and apply critical thinking, solutioning tips and direction to help compete in solving the challenges of building, programming and controlling robotic arms and autonomous vehicles to complete the mission of creating a robotic production line and driverless service delivery of goods.

Awards and recognition for team and individual achievements will be shared at the end of the mission challenge.

This 2-Day Workshop has it all!

Starting with this introductory workshop, level, and pace.
• Arduino Robotic Arm assembly
• Programming & training robotics
• Real-world robot arm applications
• Engineering design process
• Introduction to visual-based coding
• Coding concepts: loops, functions, variables


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