Droneology Teachers Kit – 5 Drone Team Package


STEM Pioneers, Engineers, and Coders will step up as volunteers, immersing themselves in crafting and coding drones and rovers, priming for STEMTECH Championships and BTR Game-Prize Showdowns like Mars Discover and Secret Missions.

Get equipped through special training sessions for the upcoming workshops, mastering the art of guiding and inspiring young minds aged 10 to 17.

  • Seamless workshop facilitation process
  • Comprehensive lesson guides
  • Access to BTR’s invaluable policies and best practices
  • All-around support for your volunteering journey

*A STEM+SEL Program*

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Interested in running STEM droneology workshop or classroom of your own?

The Droneology Teachers kit is more than just a fun experience for flying drones – it’s a platform for STEM.
Take your students on a deep dive through systems and theory that make drones work.
Students build, code and configure their drones while discovering the mechanical,
electrical, material, and physical sciences of flying a drone.

A free one-hour workshop is includes a comprehensive introduction with a new drone curriculum.

This kit includes a breakdown of the physics of flight and exchange of energy for drones as well as an overview of the material components, and a complete instructional guide on how to build and assemble the drones. 
Additional professional training workshops are available for purchase at an hourly rate and can be customized to meet the specific needs and goals of your program. On-site training and workshops are also available.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

STEM Training Curriculum:

An introduction into 1hr. session includes:

• Drone programming & piloting
• Real-world drone applications
• Science and math applications
• Engineering design process
• Introduction to visual-based coding
• Coding concepts: loops, functions, variables


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