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Digital Sandbox

BTR STEM Learning introduces a new immersive technologies curriculum in virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality Sandboxes. Learn and Build virtual models in a medium of sand and virtual / augmented projected reality.

Race Car Simulator

BTR STEM Learning presents an intense program that puts young minds in the cockpit of the fastest simulated racing vehicles. Learn from the ground up what it takes to build, program and control a SIM racing or touring Vehicle.

Robot Builder

Get ahead in the 21st century by developing, building and programming. Coding is the number one indicator that says your child is ready for the 21st century.

POLLI Online Learning

Polli is BTR's eLearning System. BrainTech Robotics delivers success when preparing and supporting young minds ages 10 - 17, to code using a fully vetted plug-and-play micro-learning approach.

Six Stages - Building Empowerment

Build Mastery and Confidence

Today's youth underestimate their abilities, especially as they get older. Help them recognize what they can do and recognize their work.

Have youth take ownership of their decisions and help them with language so that they can advocate for themselves.

Take Holistic Approach to Clear Misconceptions

Teach youth about the growth mindset and how it impacts their sense of self.
STEM leaders and mentors can be mindful of their behavior and challenge biases that can stand in the way of STEM experiences and
engagement for young woman and the underrepresented black youth.

Increase Representation

Underrepresented role models and mentors can help the youth of all races, gender, and culture see themselves as future STEM professionals.
Seeing female role models and mentors in action inspires girls.
Seeing strong race representation in leadership roles motives a desire to aspire in youth.

Recognize and Showcase their Talents

Design focal events that share the stage and the spotlight for youth. Parents will feel proud of their children's empowerment, depth of knowledge and skills in STEM.
Balance the representation among youth so that everyone has a voice.

Encourage Exploration and Discovery

STEM learning teaches all youth the skills needed to engage both independently and collectively in the power of technology and innovation. When young learners encounter new technologies, they must be prepared to embrace them, without fear or hesitation. Building STEM Skills give them the upper hand in the global landscape, as the world is becoming increasingly tech-centered.

Engage Real-World Applications

To succeed in life, young learners have to be able to apply what they have learned to a variety of scenarios. STEM engagements teach youth learners to adapt the concepts that they learn to various iterations when solving a problem or issue.


(BTR) BrainTech Robotics STEM LC’s program integrates the core standards of STEM into its robotics and drone lessons to provide a complete hands-on STEM learning experience.

We know that young learners want more Hands-on, Real-World-Experiences that result in a more tangible and retained learning experience. BTR’s core strength and value proposition are in delivering “Out-of-Class” experiences; delivered by Industry Subject Matter Experts (ISME).


According to a survey:

  • 81 percent of students are interested in science in at least one of three disciplines (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • 73 percent of those from a survey sited a key interest in biology above the rest
  • Only 32 percent had known an adult in a science career and fewer still if the career involved physics or chemistry

The results of the survey were based on 1,569 online surveys completed by high school students attending US-based public and high schools.

Them All...

The need for equitable representation of women, and espeacially women of colour, in STEM careers is an economic imperative, an innovation catalyst, and an issue of equity and inclusion.

Developing young minds in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) requires us to recognize that every learner is unique and the key to learning is engagement. In search of the “Aha ” moment in a child, we must listen, watch, adapt and apply techniques that allow them to “Get It”.

Youth need encouragement as learners to actively participate in the learning & discovery process by asking questions and facing real challenges.

Empowering the youth of today to believe in their ability to learn is an important phase in a their growth and key objective of our programs. We encourage parents to join in our professional development and team-lead sessions. Parents receive an up to date status on every child as they progress in the program. 

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Thank you Patrick for providing me the opportunity to work on VR/AR projects within BrainTech Robotics. Your mentorship has been highly motivating both for myself and the girls in your program. I am very glad to have worked under your guidance.
Anjaly B Nair
AR/VR Programming Intern; Braintech Robotics STEM LC.
Enthusiasm and curiosity constantly push me to increase my pursuit in STEM studies. BrainTech Robotics, through it's events and workshops has encouraged me to study hard in order to learn as much as possible. As the program lead, I have incorporated STEM disciplines that help create a connection between school, community, work, and the global enterprise.
Alexia Monize
Program Lead; Braintech Robotics STEM LC.
Slowly but surely the gender gap in the professional world is closing. Women now make up 48% of the general workforce. Despite the claims from the tech industry of being revolutionary, the tech industry it still lags behind. 30% of professional data-related roles are held by women as of 2019.
Hannah Yi
Business Data Analyst; Braintech Robotics STEM LC.

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