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A thrilling flight into the awesome world of digital, social and emotional literacy

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With these FREE Summer programs teaching youth how to build, code, and control tech, workshop students (ages 10-17) will...

  • Become drone-ing buffs
  • Benefit from a strategically designed curriculum to foster STEM and SEL skills
  • Get a 3 month FREE subscription to Braintech Robotics Personal On-Line code learning system, POLLI
  • Be given a lego-type drone ((can be purchased for $297)) and laptop for temporary use


*No Prior STEM knowledge needed

**Only 10 spots per group

BTR STEMTECH Summer 2022
Volunteer Registration**

May '22

Location: Fort York Historic Site (Toronto)
By Appointment Only!
On-Line Registration
*STEM Leaders, Engineers, Techies, Teachers, Uni-Students
**Program registration restricted to youth age 10-17yrs.

We need You OnBoard!

Greater Toronto Area communities will have the opportunity to register their children ages 10 – 17 for a 1-week workshop of our STEM summer program. These are free workshops that enable and encourage children to experience and engage in the great wonders of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology (*STEM) in a fun and gamified way.

Leadership Training

June '22

Location: Fort York Historic Site (Toronto)
By Appointment Only!
Duration: 1/2hr. Sessions
*Pre-Registration Required Restricted to ages 18+

STEMSEL Practitioner Training

Technology professionals, teachers, parents, and university students from a STEM-based background or program, join us to sharpen or develop your skills in leading STEM & SEL workshops at Braintech Robotics. Receive training in preparation for our upcoming workshops. Lead and facilitate STEM learning sessions for children ages 10 – 17.

FREE* Workshops

July '22

Fort York Historic Site (Toronto)
Weekdays: Tuesday - Thursday
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
12:00pm - 3:00pm
*Pre-Registration Required Restricted to ages 10-17

A Mission to Survey the Surface

Youth will engage in special missions to survey the Mars surface and collect data. The mission will require teamwork. Together students will plan and collaborate to successfully execute assigned missions against competing teams. Awards and recognition for team effort & accomplishments will be shared. This is a unique gamified opportunity to learn about the NASA initiative that sent a drone and rover to Mars.


August '22

Fort York Historic Site (Toronto)
Weekdays: Tuesday - Thursday
Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Weekends: Saturday & Sunday
12:00pm - 3:00pm
*Pre-Registration Required Restricted to ages 10-17

Robots & Service Delivery

This is a unique gamified opportunity for youth ages 10 – 17 to learn about how robotics in manufacturing (Tesla, Ford, and other plants) work together with humans to complete both complex and mundane tasks. They will also learn how to build robot cars that navigate on autonomously and avoid hitting people or crashing into objects.

BTR’s formulas to set students up for success in the tech-driven world

#1 BTR’s 1st Formula for Success… Education + Engagement = Empowered Youth

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) education bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. Using this principle, the workshop familiarizes students with the digital universe that is so deeply integrated with our world. By way of thrill-inducing, real-life problems involved in drone building, coding and flying, the workshop makes physics laws, math formulas, engineering design basics and programming codes clear and interesting for students.


#2 BTR’s 2nd Formula for Success… STEM + SEL = Holistic Development

STEM activities like drone building, coding & flying give students a taste of the real-world challenges helping them gain skills like creative & critical thinking, team collaboration & contribution, perseverance and many more. Using the creative and collaborative nature of drone activities, the workshop aims at developing students’ social and emotional intelligence as well. The workshop provides students with a safe space to explore their full potential and equips them with tools to deal with stress productively. The ultimate goal is to have well adjusted, empathetic youth who grow up to be contributing members of society.


#3 BTR’s 3rd Formula for Success… Drone Building + Drone Coding + Drone Flying = Most Fun Way to Learn

Maneuvering a drone is inarguably one of the most fun activities for students of all ages. The workshop uses this enjoyable pursuit to build a very desirable and versatile set of hard and soft skills in students. The workshop provides students with a DIY Lego-type drone that they will build, aka engineer, themselves. They will then learn the many facets of droneology and team up with fellow students to plan and code a cool aerial show by way of a 4-stage mission.

Curriculum Highlights
STEM & SEL Skills Students Will Learn
- UAVs definition & discovery
- Laws, Physics & Math
- Drone parts and assembly
- Coding & Control
- Planning and Flight
- Training, tips & tricks
- Knowledge of drones and their real-world applications
- Grasp of physics and math concepts and their application in the real world
- Familiarity with the building blocks of the digital world
- Understanding the engineering design process
- Curiosity-building
- Imaginative thinking
- Drone-related role play
- Feedback & Critique
- Active Self-Reflection
- Mindfulness exercises
- Effective communication
- Listening & observation
- Self-appreciation & love
- Empathy
- Problem-solving
- Conflict-resolution
- Productive stress-busting
- 4-Stage Squad Mission
- An introduction to visual-based coding
- Understanding coding concepts: loops, functions, variables
- Drone piloting
- Brainstorming
- Strategic Planning
- Team contribution and collaboration
- Responsible decision-making

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2022 Summer Program

Royal York Historic Site

No Charge!

Droneology Teachers Kit

5, 10 & 20 Drone Kits

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Polli is the easiest way for students to learn coding skills. Learn to code in 9 months and launch your first application on an AppStore.


No, the course does not require students to have any prior knowledge. The workshop covers all the laws, applications and concepts required for students to complete the final 4-stage mission with their drones.

This droneology program is a one-of-a-kind initiative by BrainTech Robotics to empower youth and promote digital, social and emotional literacy. Backed by the Government of Canada and the City of Toronto, the program broadens the scope of STEM education with the inclusion of Arts (STEAM, if you will). This gives students an opportunity to learn STEM concepts and explore their creative and artistic abilities. Like all BTR-powered programs, this workshop also focuses on students’ holistic development by coupling STEAM education with SEL.

Simply because we teach students in a way that is enjoyable and consumable for them. Instead of forcing theory down their throats, our after-school programs are designed to give students hands-on experience with the practical applications of what they are learning. We also foster an emotionally healthy environment where students can learn and grow at their own pace.

Yes, Green P parking is available at Fort York Natural Historic Site, Toronto History Museums the location of the workshop.

The introductory, and beginner workshops will use scratch block-based visual programming to control drones and rover functions.  Python programming language will be introduced as kids transition into intermediate and advanced workshops.

As part of the STEM program, BTR infuses Social Emotional Learning components.  Thus hands-on access to the lab equipment will always be shared in a team formation of 2-5 students depending on the size and nature of the apparatus.

All our apparatus can be purchased by the parent of a registered student provided it has never been unboxed and used in the workshop. (see BTR Admin.)

LiteBee Drones are designed to stop all motion on contact or when sensing adverse resistance.  The actual blade composition and spin rate are not enough to cut or cause severe injury.

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BrainTech Robotics, at its core, is a STEM Learning Centre that is dedicated to empowering youth between ages 10-17 by encouraging them to engage and embrace the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). We implement creative learning techniques to endow students with life skills (tech and soft) that will prepare them for the digitally-powered real world.

We strive to foster an inclusive and mindful culture that allows young minds of all races and genders to unlock their full potential.

Ready to develop your kids skillset in the field of innovative technological advancements?