Week 1: Robotics Workshop

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayIntroduction to RoboticsHands-on Building3D Printers, Broccia Robot Arm
TuesdayBasic Programming ConceptsProgramming ChallengesComputers, Coding Software
WednesdaySensors and ActuatorsRobotics ApplicationsVarious Sensors, Actuators
ThursdayDrone TechnologyDrone Flying PracticeDrones, Drone Gates
FridayProject PlanningProject ImplementationProject Materials, 3D Printers, Computers

Week 2: AI and Machine Learning Camp

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayIntroduction to AIMachine Learning BasicsComputers, Coding Software
TuesdayAI in Everyday LifeColumn #2AI Project DevelopmentComputers, AI Software
WednesdayIntroduction to Deep LearningHands-on Deep LearningAWS Deep Racer, Computers
ThursdayAI Ethics and BiasReal-world AI ApplicationsComputers, AI Software
FridayAI Project ShowcaseMentorship SessionProject Materials, Computers

Week 3: STEM Exploration

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayAugmented Reality SandboxAR Project DevelopmentUC Davis Augmented Reality Sandbox
TuesdayVEX Robotics ChallengeRobot Design and TestingVEX EXP Classroom Bundles, Computers
WednesdayCoding WorkshopAdvanced Coding TechniquesComputers, Coding Software
ThursdayEngineering DesignDesign Thinking ProcessProject Materials, 3D Printers
FridaySTEM ShowcaseCollaboration and FeedbackProject Materials, Computers

Week 4: Drone Technology and Applications

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayIntroduction to DronesDrone Safety and RegulationsDrones, Drone Gates
TuesdayDrone Flight DynamicsHands-on Flying PracticeDrones, Drone Gates
WednesdayDrone PhotographyAerial PhotographyDrones with Cameras, Computers
ThursdayDrone ProgrammingCoding for Drone ControlDrones, Computers, Coding Software
FridayDrone ChallengeTeam Drone ChallengeDrones, Drone Gates, Project Materials

Week 5: Advanced Robotics and AI Integration

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayAdvanced Robot ProgrammingProgramming ChallengesBroccia Robot Arm, Computers
TuesdayMachine Learning for RobotsHands-on AI IntegrationAWS Deep Racer, Broccia Robot Arm, Computers
WednesdayRobotics in IndustryReal-world ApplicationsBroccia Robot Arm, Computers
ThursdayRobotics Project PlanningProject DesignBroccia Robot Arm, Project Materials
FridayRobotics Project ShowcasePresentation and FeedbackBroccia Robot Arm, Project Materials, Computers

Week 6: STEM Capstone Projects

DayMorning SessionAfternoon SessionRequired Equipment
MondayProject BrainstormingComputers, Project Materialsg3D Printers, Broccia Robot Arm
TuesdayProject DevelopmentImplementationProject Materials, 3D Printers, Computers
WednesdayProject Testing and DebuggingTroubleshootingComputers, Project Materials
ThursdayProject RefinementFinal TouchesProject Materials, 3D Printers, Computers
FridaySTEM Expo and AwardsShowcase and CelebrationProject Materials, Computers

Final: STEM Expo and Awards Ceremony

  • Students present their capstone projects to parents, teachers, and community leaders.
  • Awards are presented for various categories such as Most Innovative Project, Best Use of Technology, and Best Collaboration.
  • Keynote speeches from industry professionals inspire students to continue pursuing STEM education.
  • Networking opportunities for students to connect with mentors and potential future employers.