$48.00 every 4 months

Embark on an adventure where STEM education transforms into a thrilling interactive quest. Conquer challenges, showcase your skills, and emerge as a tech champion. The Impossible Mission transcends a mere game; it’s an immersive experience that turns learning into an epic quest.

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Unlimited Access to Workshops: Participants enjoy unlimited access to both hands-on and virtual workshops, providing a consistent and structured learning experience.

Exclusive Newsletter: Subscribers receive an exclusive newsletter with insights, updates, and additional learning resources.

Priority Registration: Subscribers get priority access and early registration limited seating events, special events, competitions, and advanced workshops.

Continuous Skill Development: Ongoing participation ensures continuous skill development, allowing participants to advance steadily in STEM and robotics.

Community Engagement: Subscribers become part of a community of like-minded learners, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and support.

Discounts on Additional Programs: Subscribers may receive special discounts on additional programs, advanced courses, or exclusive Braintech Robotics merchandise.

Feedback and Improvement: Subscribers can provide feedback on workshops, influencing future content and ensuring the program evolves to meet their needs.

Career Guidance: Exclusive access to career guidance sessions, helping participants understand the real-world applications of their skills and potential career paths in STEM.

Recognition and Awards: Recognition and awards for consistent participation and achievements within the subscription program.

Flexibility and Convenience: Subscribers benefit from the convenience of a fixed schedule, allowing them to plan their learning around their busy lives.